How to enter

The UK Pensions Awards 2021 – which celebrate excellence within the pensions industry – are now open for entries. The event will mark the 24th anniversary of the UK Pensions Awards and will take place at a ceremony in September.

 This year, we will be including a number of innovations to help you complete your entries. As well as publishing an entry guidance pack, we also hosted a live Q+A with judges who explained exactly what they will be looking for in submissions and shared their top tips on what makes a good entry. To receive a copy of the entry guidance pack or to find out how to listen to the recorded version of Q+A, please register to enter the awards (see below).

Awards Process - entries are now closed for the 2021 awards:
This year there will be two stages in the awards process - the deadlines of which are as follows:

1. Registration:
Firms need to register for the awards and let us know what categories they plan to enter. They can do this by beginning the entry process
here. Registration is hugely important. Registering to enter for the awards will mean we can send you essential updates about the UK Pensions Awards 2021 as soon as they are available.

2. Entry submission:
Firms that register will then have to submit their entry form. The judges will use this form to draw up the finalists list and decide on the final winners. The deadline for receipt of the entries is
Friday, 26 February 2021. The entry forms and submissions will be considered by a panel of judges made up from professionals from across the occupational pensions industry. These judges will be announced in Professional Pensions over the coming weeks.

The finalists list will be published on
Monday, 3 May 2021 and the winners will be announced at a ceremony in September 2021. Should you have any queries relating to the awards process, please contact Joshua Wrazen via